Lets Gif It: Art by Dax Norman



Could it be that GIF is the latest vehicle for art? As we scroll down tumblr posts or hunting on Pinterest, hungry for the next visual fix, GIFs offer a hit that fit in perfectly with the short attention span of modern culture. ‘The Last Surrealist’ AKA American artist, Dax Norman presents a psychedelic trip you can’t refuse.

As a painter and animator, Norman has combined his understanding of both mediums to conceive distorted, brightly coloured variations of famous art and artists into GIFs, morphing and shifting into creatures of another realm. His repetitive loops put you in a trance as the rapid details inject your mind until you’re mesmerised into submission.

normangif10    normangif11

By combining his wacky graphics with sampled sounds and glitchy speech, Norman also produces lengthier animations. These strange and wacky inventions are not to go unnoticed and exemplify further the bizarre world of Norman.

It seems that Norman creates pieces that adhere to the acceleration of contemporary existence. As the severe impatience of modernity controls our lifestyles, perhaps we can only endure quick tempo movement and hyper-realities brought to us through the media and the Internet?

normangif13   normangif4

Maybe GIFs emphasise the lack of imagination we will encounter if we continue to be fed culture through the World Wide Web? Or perhaps GIFs offer sanctuary for our hectic lives because going round and round, and round again feels nice and safe.

However comforting the familiar monotony may be, Dax Norman’s art is on another level of peculiar, and because they are so hypnotic, his colourful and surreal creations will have you feeling warped.


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